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Education News


Is college worth the cost? Many recent graduates don’t think so.
The Washington Post - September 30, 2015

University of Washington and Chinese University Unite to Form Technology Institute
The New York Times - June18, 2015 

Women In Tech Making Computer Science More Inviting: A Look at What Works
The New York Times - May 21, 2015

College Majors Figure Big in Earnings
The Wall Street Journal - May 7, 2015

Rebirth of the Research University
The Chronicle of Higher Education - April 27, 2015

Modest Gains in Faculty Pay
Inside Higher ED - April 13, 2015

Pushing for Culture Change, Ph.D.’s Explore Careers Beyond Academe
Chronicle of Higher Education - March 20, 2015

The Next Hot Trend On Campus: Creating Innovation
Fast Company - February 25, 2015

We Don't Need More STEM Majors. We Need More STEM Majors with Liberal Arts Training.
Washington Post - February 18, 2015

Not Strictly Only Future Scientists: STEM Education Spurs Creativity, Teamwork, and Problem Solving - February 11, 2015

Fresh Perspective: Undergraduate Researchers Can Boost a Lab's Energy and Work, But Need Help to Flourish
Nature Jobs - February 4, 2015

Students now pay more of their public university tuition than state governments

Washington Post - January 5, 2015

Student tuition now outweighs state funding at public colleges
NPR - January 5, 2015


Is the US Focusing Too Much on STEM?

Atlantic - December 3, 2014

President Obama Presents the National Medals of Science & National Medals of Technology and Innovation

The White House - November 20, 2014

Massachusetts Schools Strive to Increase Access to Coding Courses - October 23, 2014

Incentives Aid A.P Science and Math Scores

New York Times - September 1, 2014

Indian Universities Ordered to Cut Length of Science Courses
Nature News - August 14, 2014

Africa Needs Science, Not Aid
New York Times - July 31, 2014

STEM Education Bill Introduced in the House

Computing Research Association - July 10, 2014

The future of universities: The digital degree

Economist - June 28, 2014

5 Things Researchers Have Discovered About MOOCs

Chronicle of Higher Education - June 27, 2014

Call for changes to promotion and tenure policies grows louder

Tech Transfer Central - June 25, 2014

'Ivory Tower' Explores Why American Higher Education is so Pricey
PBS - June 23, 2014

Foreign-Born PhDs in Science Stay in US After Graduation

Chronicle of Higher Education - May 5, 2014

MISTI Global Seed Funds 2013-14 Winners Announced
MIT News - April 24, 2014

Shift in International Mix
Inside Higher Ed - April 17, 2014

'MOOC World': Experts clash over differing visions of education technology
Princeton University - April 10, 2014

Changing the academic culture: Valuing patents and commercialization toward tenure and career advancement
PNAS - March 27, 2014

Federal Accountability and Financial Pressure: A Survey of Presidents
Inside Higher Ed - March 7, 2014

Communicating Science to the Public - and to Other Scientists
Scientific American - February 10, 2014

We need to change everything on campus: Anant Agarwal of edX on MOOCs, MIT and new models of higher education
TED Blog - January 27, 2014

What’s next for MOOCs?
TED Blog - January 27, 2014


The Trials of MOOC University

New Republic - December 22, 2013

2 youngest US senators seek to lower college costs
Portland Press Herald - December 8, 2013

Innovation Imperative: Change Everything
The New York Times - November 1, 2013

Obama Proposes College-Rating System that Could Increase Affordability
Washington Post - August 22, 2013

An Invisible Hand Behind Plan to Realign U.S. Science Education

Science - July 26, 2013

Why U.S. Students Don't Major in Science

Bloomberg - July 17, 2013

Learning In A Digital Age
Scientfic American & Nature - July 18, 2013

Education Online: The Virtual Lab

Nature - July 17, 2013

What Can MOOCs Do for American Higher Education?
Huffpost The Aspen Institute - July 2, 2013

Crowdfunding Academic Research
Insider Higher Ed - June 10, 2013

New Data on MOOC Students
Inside Higher Ed - June 3, 2013

Universities Team With Online Course Provider
The New York Times - May 30, 2013

Can Venture Capital Deliver on the Promise of the Public University?
The Chronicle of Higher Education - May 21, 2013

New Crowdfunding Site Allows Public to Advance U.Va. Research Projects Through Targeted Donations
University of Virginia - May 15, 2013  

Georgia Tech to Offer a MOOC-Like Online Master's Degree, at Low Cost
The Chronicle of Higher Education - May 14, 2013

Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream
The New York Times - May 12, 2013

Peter Thiel Is Giving These 20 Teenagers $100,000 To Drop Out of School And Start A Company
Business Insider - May 9, 2013

With Gorgeous Dorms But Little Cash, Colleges Must Adapt
NPR - May 8, 2013

EdX Turns 1: Now What?
Washington Post - May 2, 2013

As Amherst Rejects Online Lecture Model, Educators Ponder What's to Gain from Trend
Washington Post - May 1, 2013

College Ends Free Tuition, and an Era
New York Times - April 23, 2013

New Guidelines Call for Broad Changes in Science Education

New York Times - April 9, 2013

Essay-Grading Software Offers Professors a Break
New York Times - April 4, 2013

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?
Entrepreneur- March 31, 2013

Online Rx for 'Cost Disease'
Inside Higher Ed - March 29, 2013

State Budgeters' View of Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed - March 27, 2013

Making a Liberal-Arts Education Pay
Bloomberg - March 5, 2013

Change From Within
Inside Higher Ed - March 4, 2013

Should Top U.S. Colleges Expand Overseas?
Newsweek - March 3, 2013

Keeping an Eye on Online Test-Takers
New York Times - March 2, 2013

Freeman Hrabowski: 4 Pillars of College Success in Science
TED - February 2013

Public Universities to Offer Free Online Classes for Credit
New York Times - January 23, 2013

New Cornell Technology School Tightly Bound to Business
New York Times - January 21, 2013


State Funding: A Race to the Bottom

American Council on Education - Winter 2012

How to reduce the price of college

Marketplace - August 31, 2012

Running education more like a business
Marketplace - December 8, 2011