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Jobs / Workforce News

National Academy of Engineering: U.S. Must Take Action to Strengthen Manufacturing Innovation, Productivity, and Workforce Training - March 4, 2015

Research Suggests Pipeline Science Talent May Leak Men and Women at Same Rate
Inside Higher Ed - February 18, 2015

Career Progression: Consider All Options
Nature - January 14, 2015

Technology, business leaders to discuss workforce development, technical education
Albany Business Review - December 16, 2014

A STEM Workforce Strategy for Nevada and Beyond
Brookings - November 13, 2014

NIH Allocates $31-Million to Tackle Racial Gaps in Training
The Chronicle of Higher Education - October 22, 2014

White House Previews Data Tools to Bolster Federal STEM Workforce
FedScoop - October 8, 2014

Female Physicists Worldwide Fight Sexist Stereotypes
Scientific American - September 3, 2014

OSU Research Aims to Boost Manufacturing Jobs
Corvallis Gazette-Times - August 14, 2014

It's Brookings' Turn to Measure the STEM Workforce
CQ-Roll Call - July 1, 2014

Competing for Talent in Every Geography
Harvard Business Review - June 24, 2014

U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they're being created
Washington Post - May 5, 2014

NIH Joins NSF Program to Teach Scientists to Think Like Entrepreneurs
Chronicle of Higher Education - April 11, 2014

Careers in Statistics Evolve and Expand
Science Careers - March 4, 2014

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?
New York Times - October 3, 2013

What Emerging Knowledge Economy?

The Huffington Post - August 29, 2013

How Technology Wrecks the Middle Class
New York Times - August 24, 2013

Engineers See a Path Out of Green Card Limbo
New York Times - May 22, 2013

It's About the Work, Not the Office
New York Times - March 7, 2013

New Robots in the Workplace: Job Creators or Job Terminators
Washington Post - March 6, 2013

Special Report: Outsourcing and Offshoring - Here, There, and Everywhere
Economist - January 19, 2013

Administration Unveils Initial Design Plans for National Network for Manufacturing Innovation
NIST - January 16, 2013