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The Supply Chain for
Middle-Skill Jobs

June 24-25, 2015
Washington, DC

The Economics of

June 29, 2015
Washington, DC

Richard Lester

Japan Steel Industry Professor/Head
Dept. of Nuclear Science & Engineering, MIT





Dr. Richard Lester is Japan Steel Industry Professor and Head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is also the faculty co-chair and founding Director of the MIT Industrial Performance Center. His research focuses on innovation management and policy, with an emphasis on the energy and manufacturing sectors. He is currently leading the Energy Innovation Project, a major MIT study of strategies for upgrading the U.S. energy innovation system.

As head of NSE, Professor Lester works with his faculty colleagues to advance the Department’s role at the forefront of research and education on energy and non-energy applications of nuclear science and technology.

As director of the Industrial Performance Center (IPC), Dr. Lester has led several major studies of national and regional competitiveness and innovation performance commissioned by governments and industrial groups around the world.  Recently, in the Local Innovation Systems Project, he directed an international network of researchers studying the technological transformation of industries in regional economies and the role of universities in that process.  He currently serves as faculty advisor to the MIT President’s Council on Regional Engagement.