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Review Criteria

U.S. Partnership proposals will be evaluated by an external review panel organized by the National Academies. Proposals will be evaluated based on:

Factor 1: Technical Merit
  • Degree to which proposed activities will help achieve PEER/Liberia Objectives;
  • Degree to which proposed activities fill needed institutional gaps in three thematic areas: Infectious Disease, Ophthalmology, and Family Medicine; and,
  • Degree to which proposed activities include approaches involving the continuum of medical education, integration, and institutional strengthening/ sustainability.
Factor 2: Personnel
  • Expertise of key personnel
  • Team composition

Factor 3: Organizational Capability

  • Non-PEER resources and expertise leveraged from the U.S. medical schools and/or universities;
  • Experience of U.S. applicant in international medical education
  • Experience of U.S. applicant in capacity strengthening activities, particularly in international and low-resource settings;
  • Ability to coordinate with other international partners

Factor 4: Budget

  • Appropriateness of draft budget for carrying out proposed activities.