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Supplemental Materials

The following supplemental materials are provided below to help with completing your PEER/Liberia application:

Possible resources available through PREVAIL
PREVAIL is a research program, not a clinical care program, thus there are potential synergies between the PREVAIL research and the PEER program. When possible/feasible, the PREVAIL Executive Committee would like to endorse leveraging the PREVAIL research platform to assist with the success of the PEER program. There is a formal process for submission of studies which leverage the PREVAIL platform. Investigators are encouraged to cover the cost of the studies which can be minimized through the collaboration. When writing your application, you may wish to incorporate one or more of the resources available through the PREVAIL research platform, including:
  • Four clinical research sites
  • Clinical laboratories in three of the four clinical sites
  • IT resources (e.g. conference call lines, computers, screens, video-conferencing, etc.)
  • Potential for clinical research training and mentoring by experienced healthcare professionals to facilitate knowledge, use of Pub-Med
  • Administrative project management support
  • Training related to learning how to cost out a budget, build a clinic, and maintain a program independently
  • Utilization of available clinical outpatient space at several renovated sites (e.g. Redemption Hospital, JFK Medical Center, Duport Road Health Center, and the C.H. Rennie Hospital)
  • Access to the Liberia Biomedical Research Institute (LIBR) under the umbrella of the National Public Health Institute
  • Access to patient populations and experienced Physicians to enhance critical thinking skills
  • Potential training abroad at the NIH
  • An effective social mobilization, communication, and community engagement program
  • Planned Service Center for Management of grant and contract funds