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Funded ProjectsComprehensive Project List by Sector

Agriculture - Biodiversity - Biotechnology - Climate - Disaster Mitigation - Education - Energy - Environment - Food Security - Health - Social Sciences - Water

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Cameroon - Project 3-12: Biochar and compost from cocoa pod husk: opportunities for crop fertilization and suppression of black pod disease
PI: Njukeng Nkengafac, Institute of Agricultural Research for Development
U.S. Partner: Bin Gao, University of Florida 

Ethiopia - Project 5-194: Bringing seasonal forecasts to the farmer: participatory climate smart villages for Green Growth in Ethiopia
PI: Belay Simane, Addis Ababa University
U.S. Partner: Benjamin Zaitchik, Johns Hopkins University

Ghana - Project 4-40: Development of high-yielding Aflatoxin-resistant maize hybrids for improved nutrition and health in Ghana
PI: Allen Oppong, CSIR, Crops Research Institute
U.S. Partner: Marilyn Warburton, USDA ARS Corn Host Plant Resistance Research Unit

Ghana - Project 2-251: Development of edible and medicinal mushrooms as functional foods in Ghana
PI: Mary Obodai, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Food Research Institute
U.S. Partner: Steven J. Schwartz, The Ohio State University 

Kenya - Project 2-335: Unlocking agricultural potential in drylands: enhancing efficient utilization of soil moisture for improved smallholder farm productivity in ASALs of Kenya
PI: Mary Baaru, Kenyatta University
U.S. Partner: Ethan Allen, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning

Mali - Project 6-157: Evaluation study of the use of digital technologies for agriculture and food security in Mali
PI: Amadou Sidibé, IPR/IFRA Katibougou
U.S. Partner: Laura Scmitt Olabisi, Michigan State University

Mali – Project 5-148: More rice for Africa: enhancing smallholder farmers’ rice yields in Africa through the use of efficient and low cost endophytic Actinomycetes biopesticide

PI: Amadou Babana, University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako (USTTB)
U.S. Partners: David Weller, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Wheat Health, Genetics and Quality Research Unit and Dr. Linda Kinkel, University of Minnesota

Nigeria - Project 2-504: Improving Yam (Dioscorea spp.) seed systems through production of dormancy-controlled seed tubers in temporary immersion bioreactors

PI: Morufat Balogun, University of Ibadan
U.S. Partner: Wayne Curtis, The Pennsylvania State University 

Senegal - Project 2-432: Rhizosphere biology of shrub created resource islands of Sahelian agroecosystems: optimization and adaptation to climate change
PI: Yacine Badiane Ndour, Institut Senegalais de Recherches Agricoles
U.S. Partner: Richard P. Dick, Ohio State University

Uganda - Project 6-158: Scaled deployment of smart-phone agro-applications for field based diagnosis and real-time surveillance data collection.
PI: Ernest Mwebaze, Makerere University
U.S. Partner: Jesse Poland, Kansas State University

Uganda - Project 5-37: Delivering crop yield nowcasts and forecasts by integrating satellite data and crop modelling in Sub-Saharan Africa
PI: Ejiet John Wasige, Makerere University
U.S. Partner: Forrest Melton, California State University Monterey Bay, and the NASA Ames Research Center Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology (NASA ARC-CREST)

Uganda - Project 2-253: Sustainable coffee-banana agroforestry systems to adapt to climate change, enhance food security, and alleviate poverty in Uganda
PI: Godfrey H. Kagezi, Coffee Research Center, National Agricultural Organization
U.S. Partner: Ivette Perfecto, University of Michigan


Bangladesh - Project 6-10: Ecosystem Services in a changing climate; assessing critical services in Bangladesh rice production landscapes
PI: Md Panna Ali, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI)
U.S. Partner: Douglas A Landis, Michigan State University

Sri Lanka and India - Project 2-475: Fecal sludge and urine reuse in agriculture – opportunities for addressing phosphorus needs in India
PI: Pay Drechsel, International Water Management Institute, with co-PI Vijayaraghavan M. Chariar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
U.S. Partner: James Elser, Arizona State University

Vietnam - Project 5-257: GIS and remote sensing application for assessment of land degradation in the Lower Mekong River Basin
PI: Quyet Vu, Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute
U.S. Partner: John Bolten, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

Middle East

Tunisia - Project 5-128: Enhanced research capacity and fish health infrastructure to assist Tunisian aquaculture
PI: Nadia Chérif, National Institute of Sea Sciences and Technologies (INSTM)
U.S. Partner: James Winton, United States Geological Survey



Kenya - Project 5-93: Remote sensing and GIS mapping for land use changes in Laikipia ecosystem, Kenya: a tool to explore patterns of biodiversity and emergence of vector-borne zoonoses and enhance environmental management and community health
PI: Nancy Moinde, Institute of Primate Research-National Museums of Kenya
U.S. Partner: Peter Leimbruger, Smithsonian Institution

Kenya - Project 4-192: End of the road for illegal bushmeat trade in East Africa: establishing transboundary surveillance by high resolution melting analysis of vertebrate molecular barcodes
PI: Lilian Wambua, International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology
U.S. Partner: Scott Miller, Smithsonian Institution

Kenya - Project 4-342: Use of DNA technology in combating illegal trade and promoting conservation and sustainable use of plants in Kenya and Tanzania
PI: Beatrice Khayota, National Museums of Kenya
U.S. Partner: David Schindel, Smithsonian Institution

Kenya - Project 4-365: DNA barcoding to combat wildlife crime
PI: Henry Ndithia, National Museums of Kenya
U.S. Partner: David Schindel, Smithsonian Institution

Kenya - Project 4-494: Enhancing conservation of African buffalo and rangeland habitat through molecular investigations of foot-and-mouth disease at the wildlife-livestock interface
PI: Francis Gakuya, Kenya Wildlife Service
U.S. Partner: Andres Perez, University of Minnesota

Kenya - Project 2-447: Capacity building in fish biodiversity discovery in Kenya
PI: Dorothy Wanja Nyingi, National Museums of Kenya
U.S. Partner: Henry Bart Jr., Tulane University

Kenya - Project 1-198: Natural pest and weed suppression functions by birds as incentives to conserve a globally threatened bird species and enhance livelihoods in an agricultural landscape
PI: Peter Njoroge, National Museums of Kenya
U.S. Partner:  Matthew Johnson, Humboldt State University

Madagascar - Project 6-125: Wild and edible insects to sustain forests and fight malnutrition.
PI: Andrianjaka Ravelomanana, Madagascar Biodiversity Center
U.S. Partner: Brian Fisher, California Academy of Sciences

Madagascar - Project 6-134: Community-based monitoring and management of Madagascar’s National Park protected areas

PI: Lalatiana Randriamiharisoa, Madagascar National Parks
U.S. Partner: Brett Scheffers, University of Florida

South Africa - Project 2-181: Climate change and arid-zone birds: validation of a behavioral index for assessing species’ relative vulnerabilities to rising temperatures
PI: Andrew McKechnie, University of Pretoria
U.S. Partner: Blair Wolf, University of New Mexico 

South Africa - Project 2-512: MammalMAP: The African Mammal Atlas Project
PI: Lesley Gordon Underhill, University of Cape Town, with co-PI Robert Peter Millar, University of Pretoria
U.S. Partners: Walter Jetz, Yale University, and Robert Guralnik, University of Colorado at Boulder

Tanzania - Project 1-232: Characterization of cassava mosaic gemini viruses and their satellites in cassava at the cellular level
PI: Joseph Ndunguru, Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute
U.S. Partner:  Linda Hanley-Bowdoin, North Carolina State University


Cambodia - Project 2-395: Biodiversity of Cambodian leaf- and treehoppers: scientific training and education through development of bioindicators and agricultural pest control
PI: Sophany Phauk, Royal University of Phnom Penh
U.S. Partner: Kevin Johnson, Illinois Natural History Survey

India - Project 4-216: The Banni Grasslands in a time of change: ecological and socioeconomic resilience in a coupled human-natural system
PI: Ankila Hiremath, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)
USDA Forest Service Collaborator: Susan Cordell, Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry

India - Project 2-171: Evolution, diversification and biogeography of cicadas (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadidae) on the Indian Subcontinent
PI: Krushnamegh Kunte, National Center for Biological Sciences
U.S. Partner: Chris Simon, University of Connecticut

Indonesia - Project 4-146: Developing a bioeconomy in Indonesia: identification of novel microorganisms and microbial enzymes from Indonesian peatland and buffaloes to improve bioconversion of oil palm residues
PI: Amadeus Pribowo and co-PI Irnayuli Sitepu, Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
U.S. Partner: Kyria Boundy-Mills, University of California, Davis

Indonesia - Project 4-260: One fits all: developing decapods biodiversity research for education, conservation, and research benefits
PI: Ambariyanto, Indonesian Biodiversity Research and Diponegoro University
U.S. Partner: Christopher Meyer, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Indonesia - Project 3-40: Diversification and inventory of the threatened lowland herpetofauna of Java and Sumatra
PI: Nia Kurniawan, Brawijaya University
U.S. Partner: Eric Nelson Smith, University of Texas at Arlington

Indonesia - Project 2-324: Connecting science and management through biodiversity research and collaboration
PI: Made Pharmawati, Universitas Udayana
U.S. Partners: Forest Rohwer, San Diego State University, and Paul H. Barber, University of California, Los Angeles

Indonesia - Project 2-457: Citizen science solutions for national biodiversity data needs: developing a plant checklist for West Kalimantan, Indonesia
PI: I Made Wiryana, Universitas Gunadarma
U.S. Partner: Campbell Webb, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Indonesia - Project 1-102: Building Indonesian research capacity through genetic assessment of commercial fish species
PI: I Gusti Ngurah Kade Mahardika, Universitas Udayana
U.S. Partner:  Kent Carpenter, Old Dominion University

Indonesia - Project 1-205: Marine biodiversity of Raja Ampat Islands: the ARMS, morphology, and genetic approaches for inventorying and monitoring patterns of marine biodiversity
PI: Abdul-Hamid Toha, State University of Papua
U.S. Partner:  Kent Carpenter, Old Dominion University

Mongolia - Project 1-98: Impacts of climate change on freshwater and fisheries resources of the Lake Hovsgol watershed
PI: Bud Mendsaikhan, Mongol Ecology Center
U.S. Partner: Olaf Jensen, Rutgers University

Philippines - Project 1-34: Pathways for indigenous knowledge engagement on marine biodiversity conservation
PI: Marivic G. Pajaro, Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources
U.S. Partner: Douglas Medin, Northwestern University

Philippines - Project 1-177: Enhancing marine natural resource and biodiversity management in the Philippines by extending population connectivity research
PI: Maria Carmen Ablan Lagman, De La Salle University
U.S. Partner: Kent Carpenter, Old Dominion University

Thailand and Cambodia – Project 6-436: Connecting climate change, hydrology & fisheries for energy and food security in Lower Mekong Basin
PI: Vilas Nitivattananon, Asian Institute of Technology; with co-PIs Sangam Shrestha, AIT; Thanapon Piman, Stockholm Environmental Institute; and Chheng Phen, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute
U.S. Partner: John Sabo, Arizona State University

Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam - Project 2-93: Biodiversity and conservation in the Lower Mekong: empowering female herpetologists through capacity building and regional networking
PI: Anchalee Aowphol, Kasetsart University, with co-PIs Niane Sivongxay, Wildlife Conservation Society and National University of Laos; and Huy Duc Hoang, University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City
U.S. Partner: Bryan L. Stuart, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar - Project 6-435: Riverscape genetics to inform natural history of exploited fishes in the Lower Mekong River Basin
PI: Dang Thuy Binh, Institute for Biotechnology and Environment, Nha Trang University; with co-PIs Chheng Phen, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute; Latsamy Phounvisouk, Living Aquatic Resources Research Center; Chaiwut Grudpan, Ubon Ratchathani University; and Mie Mie Kyaw, University of Mandalay
U.S. Partner: Jeffrey Williams, Smithsonian Institution

Vietnam - Project 5-253: Using multi data for biodiversity conservation at Dak Nong Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
PI: Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Tay Nguyen University
U.S. Partner: Volker Radeloff, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Vietnam - Project 5-618: Study on coral reef resilience in comparative areas in South Vietnam for marine biodiversity conservation in a changing world
PI: Tuan Si Vo, Institute of Oceanography
U.S. Partner: Mark Eakin, NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos - Project 3-100: Building a Mekong River genetic biodiversity research network
PI: Vu Ngoc Ut, Can Tho University, with co-PIs Dang Thuy Binh, Nha Trang University; Chheng Phen, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute; So Nam, Mekong River Commission; Latsamy Phounvisouk, Living Aquatic Resources Research Centre
U.S. Partner: Kent Carpenter, Old Dominion University 

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos - Project 3-149: Biodiversity conservation in Indochina: Integrating research and training to enhance wildlife trade management
PI: Minh Le, Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies of Vietnam National University (VNU-CRES), with co-PIs Seak Sophat, Royal University of Phnom Penh, and Sengdeuane Wayakone, National University of Laos 
U.S. Partner: Mary Blair, The American Museum of Natural History

Vietnam - Project 2-7: Conservation genetics for improved biodiversity and resource management in a changing Mekong Delta
PI: Dang Thuy Binh, Nha Trang University
U.S. Partner: Kent E. Carpenter, Old Dominion University

Latin American and Caribbean

Brazil - Project 5-9: History and diversification of floodplain forest bird communities in Amazonia: towards an integrated conservation plan
PI: Camila Ribas, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
U.S. Partner: Joel Cracraft, American Museum of Natural History

Brazil - Project 5-589: Integrating dimensions of microbial biodiversity across wetlands and land use types to understand methane greenhouse gas cycling in tropical forests
PI: Jose Mauro Moura, Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará
U.S. Partner: Jorge Rodrigues, University of California Davis

Brazil - Project 4-123: Where is my turtle? Quantifying biodiversity impacts of hydroelectric expansion and river use changes in the Brazilian Amazon
PI: Darren Norris, Federal University of Amapá
U.S. Partner: James Gibbs, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Brazil - Project 4-299: Monitoring the disturbance of microbiota in Amazonian soils during the conversion of forest to pasture and its consequences on cattle health
PI: Ederson Jesus, Embrapa (Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research)
U.S. Partner: James Cole, Michigan State University

Brazil - Project 4-445: Functional diversity of interrelated photosynthesis and water use of Central Amazonian trees
PI: Tomas Domingues, University of Sao Paulo
U.S. Partner: Pierre Gentine, Columbia University

Brazil - Project 4-461: Capacity building for participatory monitoring of changing forests in sustainable use areas of the Southwestern Brazilian Amazon
PI: Sabina Ribeiro, Universidade Federal do Acre
U.S. Partner: Stephen Perz, University of Florida

Brazil - Project 4-478: Mapping and conserving butterfly biodiversity in the Brazilian Amazon
PI: Andre Freitas, Universidade Estadual de Campinas
U.S. Partner: Keith Willmott, University of Florida

Brazil - Project 3-121: Biodiversity and climate change in the “Arc of Deforestation” of Brazilian Amazon
PI: Guarino Colli, Universidade de Brasília, with co-PIs Ben Hur Marimon Junior, Universidade do Estado do Mato Grosso, and Fernanda Werneck, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia–INPA
U.S. Partner: Barry Raymond Sinervo, University of California, Santa Cruz

Brazil - Project 3-188: Biodiversity conservation and scientific capacity development in the Brazilian Amazon using ants as bioindicators and ecosystem health indicators
PI: Rodrigo Feitosa, Universidade Federal do Paraná
U.S. Partner: Kenneth G. Ross, University of Georgia, Athens

Brazil - Project 2-435: Biodiversity and adaptations of CYP enzymes in the Amazon Loricariidae fishes
PI: Thiago Parente, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) (formerly at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
U.S. Partner: Mark Hahn, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Brazil - Project 2-503: Mycota associated to native Hevea spp. in the Brazilian Amazon region
PI: Aristóteles Góes-Neto, Centro de Excelência em Bioinformática, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz)
U.S. Partner: Priscila Chaverri, University of Maryland

Nicaragua - Project 2-459: Marine biodiversity initiative for Central America: international partnership for research and training on marine biodiversity and genomics
PI: Jorge Alberto Huete-Pérez, Universidad Centroamericana
U.S. Partner: Martin Polz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peru - Project 4-116: Tropical montane forests and climate change in the Peruvian Andes: micro-environmental, biotic, and human impacts at the tree line
PI: Norma Salinas, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
U.S. Partner: Miles Silman, Wake Forest University

Middle East

Iraq - Project 6-74: Conservation, restoration and current status of aquatic biodiversity in Southern Iraq
PI: Nadia Al-Mudaffar, Marine Science Centre
U.S. Partner: Brian Helmuth, Northeastern University, Marine Science Center


Indonesia - Project 5-215: Enhancing research capacity through a biotechnology-driven investigation of novel gram-negative bacteria from Indonesian sponges
PI: Ocky Radjasa, Diponegoro University
U.S. Partner: Phillip Crews, University of California Santa Cruz

Indonesia - Project 3-195: Sustainable conversion of oil palm lignocellulosic waste into pentanol using metabolically engineered microbes
PI: Fransiskus X. Ivan, Surya University, with co-PI Yalun Arifin (former PI, now at Curtin University, Malaysia)
U.S. Partner: Brian Pfleger, University of Wisconsin, Madison



Cameroon - Project 4-360: Using geospatial tools to investigate how deforestation affects the transmission of malaria in birds
PI: Anong Damian Nota, University of Buea
U.S. Partner: Thomas Smith, University of California, Los Angeles

Ghana - Project 1-142: Possible causes of the contraction of West Africa’s rainfall season under global warming: implications for agriculture
PI: David Cudjoe Adukpo, University of Cape Coast
U.S. Partner:  William Gutowski, Jr., Iowa State University

Kenya - Project 4-457: Using an integrated modeling framework to evaluate the impact of human-induced land use/land cover change on carbon dynamics in the Upper Ewaso Ngiro River Basin, Kenya
PI: Stephen Kiama, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
U.S. Partner: Scott Goetz, Woods Hole Research Center

Malawi - Project 1-307: Soil carbon distribution and dynamics in Malawi: a unique opportunity to optimize sustainable land use and enhance food security
PI: Jimmy Namangale, Chancellor College
U.S. Partner:  G. Philip Robertson, Michigan State University

Senegal - Project 2-344: Impact of climate change on freshwater availability for Senegal: modeling future changes in hydro-climatology of Lake of Guiers
PI: Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla, Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop
U.S. Partner: Jeremy Pal, Loyola Marymount University


Afghanistan - Project 5-183: Impact of climate change on runoff from glaciers, snow, and rainfall in the Pamir and Hindu Kush Mountains: a comparison of Amu Darya and Kabul River basins
PI: Fahimeh Salehi, Green Social Research Organization
U.S. Partners: Ulrich Kamp, University of Montana and Daniel Fagre, United States Geological Survey

Afghanistan - Project 4-47: Impact of climate change, variability, and land use change on Afghanistan's water resources: a case study of the Kabul River Basin and Amu Darya River Basin
PI: Sediqa Hassani, Ibn-e-Sina University (Avicenna University)
U.S. Partner: Jeff Dozier, University of California, Santa Barbara

Bangladesh - Project 6-5: Climate change adaptation of rural households in charlands of Bangladesh
PI: Humnath Bhandari, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
U.S. Partner: Charles (Chuck) W. Rice, Kansas State University

Bangladesh - Project 3-1: Improving adaptation against coastal vulnerability and enhancing flood forecasting skill in Bangladesh through a satellite data integrative modeling framework in a changing climate
PI: Zahirul Khan, Institute of Water Modeling
U.S. Partner: Faisal Hossain, University of Washington

India - Project PP-26: NSF-PIRE collaboration: developing low-carbon cities in India: field research on water-energy-carbon baselines and low-carbon strategies in Indian cities
PIs: Emani Kumar, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, and Rakesh Yadav, Resource Optimization Initiative
U.S. Partner: Anu Ramaswami, University of Minnesota 

India - Project PP-27: NSF-PIRE collaboration: developing low-carbon cities in India: focus on urban infrastructures, climate risks, and vulnerability
PI: Sachchida Nand Tripathi, Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur
U.S. Partner: Anu Ramaswami, University of Minnesota 

Indonesia - Project 3-212: Study of climate change and air quality impact from short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs) reduction in Indonesia
PI: Asep Sofyan with co-PI Ayu Purwarianti, Institut Teknologi Bandung
U.S. Partner: Gregory R. Carmichael, University of Iowa

Indonesia - Project 2-232: Exploring the dynamic of extreme weather events in Indonesia using large scale meteorological pattern as the forecast guidance (pilot study: Indramayu, West Java)
PI: Heri Kuswanto, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
U.S. Partner: Richard Grotjahn, University of California, Davis

Indonesia - Project 2-409: Tree isotope records of past rainfall variability in the Indonesian maritime region
PI: Sri Yudawati Cahyarini with co-PI Intan Suci Nurhati, Indonesian Institute of Science (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia)
U.S. Partner: Mike Evans, University of Maryland

Indonesia - Project 1-90: Strengthening research and teaching capacity of the Andalas University in climate change and natural resources management
PI: Rudi Febriamansyah, Andalas University
U.S. Partner:  Brendan Buckley, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Nepal - Project 1-183: Establishing a collaborative assessment of the impacts of climate change on the hydrological regime of the Langtang River Basin, central Nepal
PI: Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, Kathmandu University
U.S. Partner:  Mark W. Williams, University of Colorado

Sri Lanka and the Maldives - Project 3-152: Developing monitoring tools for managing drought risk and addressing the riddle of increased drought tendency amidst the wetter climate change projections for Sri Lanka and the Maldives
PI: Lareef Zubair, Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology, with Co-PI Mizna Mohamed, Maldives National University
U.S. Partner: Bradfield Lyon, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Lamont-Doherty Earth Institute at Columbia University

Sri Lanka - Project 1-194: Intra-seasonal climate predictions for Sri Lanka and Maldives for water resources management
PI: Lareef Zubair, Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka, and co-PI: Piyasena Wickramagamage, University of Peradeniya
U.S. Partner:  Adam H. Sobel, Columbia University

Thailand – Project 6-436: Connecting climate change, hydrology & fisheries for energy and food security in Lower Mekong Basin
PI: Vilas Nitivattananon, Asian Institute of Technology; with co-PIs Sangam Shrestha, AIT; Thanapon Piman, Stockholm Environmental Institute; and Chheng Phen, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute
U.S. Partner: John Sabo, Arizona State University

Thailand and Burma - Project 2-473: Analysis of historical forest carbon changes in Burma and Thailand and the contribution of climate variability and extreme weather events
PI: Amnat Chidthaisong, The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, with co-PI Khin Lay Swe, Yezin Agriculture University
U.S. Partners: Merryl Alber and Monique Y. LeClerc, University of Georgia

Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam - Project 1-243: Assessment of impacts of the emission reduction measures of short-lived climate forcers on air quality and climate in Southeast Asia
PI: Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Asian Institute of Technology, with co-PIs Hoang Xuan Co, Hanoi University of Sciences Vietnam National University; Asep Sofyan, Institut Teknologi Bandung; and Nguyen Tri Quang Hung, Nong Lam University
U.S. Partner:  Philip Hopke, Clarkson University

Latin America and Caribbean

Colombia - Project 5-331: Degradation of tropical forests in Colombia: impacts of fire
PI: Dolors Armenteras, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
U.S. Partner: Jennifer K. Balch, University of Colorado, Boulder

Dominican Republic - Project 5-400: Development and use of the i-Tree tool to explore the potential for urban green infrastructure as an adaption strategy to climate change resilience in the city of Santo Domingo
PI: Solhanlle Bonilla Duarte, Instituto Tecnológia de Santo Domingo (INTEC)
U.S. Partner: Gerald Bauer, US Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry

Peru - Project 2-228: Impact of transboundary biomass burning pollution transport over the Central Andes of Peru
PI: Luis Suarez, Instituto Geofisico del Peru (formerly at Universidad Continental)
U.S. Partner: Detlev Helmig, University of Colorado at Boulder

Peru - Project 1-353: Building Peruvian capacity for monitoring and modeling the effects of climate change on the Coropuna Glacier and associated watersheds in Arequipa, Peru
PI: Roberto Zegarra Balcazar and Felio Carderon La Torre, (former PIs Karen Kraft and Julio F. Alegría), AEDES - Asociación Especializada para el Desarrollo Sostenible
U.S. Partner:  Joerg Schaefer, Columbia University

Middle East

Egypt - Project 2-239: The impact of biogenic and anthropogenic atmospheric aerosols to climate in Egypt
PI: Alaa Ibrahim, American University in Cairo
U.S. Partner: Allison Steiner, University of Michigan

Lebanon - Project 1-228: Assessment of the tropospheric HONO budget: instrumental development and field measurements
PI: Charbel Afif, Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth
U.S. Partner:  Sebastien Dusanter, University of Indiana 

Disaster Mitigation


Bangladesh - Project 4-85: Scaling up of satellite-assisted flood forecasting systems in South and Southeast Asian nations
PI: Md. Sohel Masud, Institute of Water Modeling, with co-PI Md. Sazzad Hossain, Flood Forecasting and Warning Center
U.S. Partner: Faisal Hossain, University of Washington

Bangladesh - Project 1-97: Toward geohazard assessment in Bangladesh: academic infrastructure and knowledge transfer
PI: Syed Humayun Akhter, Dhaka University
U.S. Partner: Michael Steckler, Columbia University

Indonesia – Project 6-25: Converging climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies into agglomeration policy for coastal metropolitan planning
PI: Harkunti Pertiwi Rahayu, Institut Teknologi Bandung
U.S. Partner: Louise Comfort, University of Pittsburgh

Indonesia - Project 5-125: Strengthening resilience to extreme weather related events in Indonesia through improving the predictability of drought risk within Drought Cycle Management Model
PI: Heri Kuswanto, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)
U.S. Partner: Justin Sheffield, Princeton University

Indonesia - Project 5-395: Incorporating climate change induced sea level rise information into coastal cities’ preparedness toward coastal hazards
PI: Syamsidik, Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC), Syiah Kuala University
U.S. Partner: Louise K. Comfort, University of Pittsburgh

Indonesia - Project 4-309: A better understanding of future seismic and tsunami hazards due to the Mentawai Seismic Gap, West Sumatra, Indonesia through dense geodetic networks and capacity building efforts
PI: Ashar Muda Lubis, Bengkulu University
U.S. Partner: Louise Comfort, University of Pittsburgh

Indonesia - Project 3-103: Integrated local emergency response policy improvement and capacity building for advance-early warning system in the face of near-field tsunami risk
PI: Harkunti Pertiwi Rahayu, Institut Teknologi Bandung 
U.S. Partner: Louise K. Comfort, University of Pittsburgh

Indonesia - Project 3-148: Strengthening research and teaching capacity of Brawijaya University in monitoring and exploring of volcanoes (pilot study: Ijen volcano complex, East Java)
PI: Sukir Maryanto, Brawijaya University
U.S. Partner: James Foster, University of Hawaii

Maldives - Project 4-463: Can drought and flood hazard be skillfully assessed at fine spatial resolutions from combining constrained streams of observed, remotely sensed, and model predicted data in Sri Lanka and the Maldives?
PI: Piyasena Wickramagamage, Foundation for Environment, Climate, and Technology
U.S. Partner: Randall Koster, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Nepal - Project 5-576: Understanding the phenomenon of open mapping: creating open-source map data as a critical information infrastructure for disaster preparedness and development
PI: Nama Budhathoki, Kathmandu Living Labs
U.S. Partner: Kenneth Anderson, University of Colorado Boulder

Philippines - Project 3-236: Early detection of volcano flank failure using InSAR
PI: Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay, University of the Philippines, National Institute of Geological Sciences
U.S. Partner: Falk Amelung, University of Miami

Europe and Eurasia

Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan - Project 3-161: Active geodynamics of the Caucasus region
PI: Tea Godoladze, Ilia State University, with co-PIs Arkadi Karakhanyan (deceased, November 2017), Institute of Geological Sciences, Armenian Academy of Sciences; and Fakhraddin Abulfat oglu Kadirov, Institute of Geology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
U.S. Partner: Robert Reilinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Georgia - Project 1-170: Discovering potential seismic sources in the Caucasus using virtual-reality based data analysis and development of a cyber-enabled geosciences workforce in Georgia
PI: Mikheil Elashvili, Ilia State University
U.S. Partner: Louise Kellogg, University of California, Davis

Armenia - Project 2-323: Volcanic hazard assessment of Ararat Valley, Armenia
PI: Khachatur Meliksetian, Institute of Geological Sciences, Armenian National Academy of Sciences
U.S. Partner: Charles Connor, University of South Florida

Latin America and Caribbean

Colombia - Project 2-487: Integrated humanitarian logistics system for developing countries
PI: Victor Cantillo, Universidad del Norte
U.S. Partner: José Holguin Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

El Salvador - Project 1-354: Demonstrating the integration of ground-based monitoring and satellite remote sensing for forecasting landslides and flooding hazards in volcanic terrains
PI: José Fredy Cruz, Universidad de El Salvador
U.S. Partner:  John S. Gierke, Michigan Technological University

Middle East

Jordan - Project 1-146: Floodwave propagation and infiltration in desert regions: the Azraq Basin, Jordan
PI: Mo'ayyad Shawaqfah, Al al-Bayt University
U.S. Partner: Mark Stone, University of New Mexico

Lebanon - Project 4-270: Landslide risk index mapping for Lebanon
PI: Grace Abou-Jaoude, Lebanese American University
U.S. Partner: Joseph Wartman, University of Washington

Lebanon - Project 2-514: Health assessment of earth dams in Lebanon: towards sustainable development
PI: Naji N. Khoury, Notre Dame University-Louaize
U.S. Partner: Michael A. Mooney, Colorado School of Mines

Lebanon - Project 1-91: Towards a better assessment and management of wildfire risk in the wildland-urban interface in Lebanon: gaining from the US experience
PI: George Mitri, University of Balamand
U.S. Partner: David McWethy, Montana State University

Lebanon - Project 1-163: Earthquake-generated landslide hazard in Lebanon
PI: Grace Abou-Jaoude, Lebanese American University
U.S. Partner:  Joseph Wartman, University of Washington

Tunisia - Project 2-12: Contribution to drought identification and alert in Northern Tunisia
PI: Zoubeida Kebaili Bargaoui, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis
U.S. Partner: Kelly Caylor, Princeton University



Kenya - Project 3-154: Mwangaza project on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and computing education for students in Kenya with vision loss
PI: Marguerite Miheso O'Connor, Kenyatta University
U.S. Partner: Bruce N. Walker, Georgia Institute of Technology

Tanzania - Project 2-343: Computational mathematics, modeling and analysis of biological, bio-inspired and engineering systems
PIs: Madundo Mtambo and Burton Mwamila, The Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology
U.S. Partner: Padmanabhan SeshaiyerGeorge Mason University


Indonesia - Project 6-52: Integrating ISLE in Integrated Science Instruction to Improve Science Teacher's Abilities on STEM Education
PI: Irwandi, Syiah Kuala University
U.S. Partner: Eugenia Etkina, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Indonesia - Project 5-429: Science teaching in Indonesian religious schools
PI: Askuri Ibn Chamim, Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) 
U.S. Partner: Joel Kuipers, George Washington University

Indonesia - Project 4-29: Implementation of a randomization-based curriculum for introductory statistics at UPH and across Indonesia
PI: Kie Van Ivanky Saputra, Universitas Pelita Harapan
U.S. Partner: Nathan Tintle, Dordt College

Indonesia - Project 4-125: Developing science and learning research capacity of Bengkulu University in ex situ conservation of Sumatran freshwater and terrestrial turtles
PI: Aceng Ruyani, Bengkulu University
U.S. Partner: Catherine Matthews, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Indonesia - Project 2-42: Improving process-skills of STEM undergraduate students in Indonesia through Problem-Based Learning (PBL): faculty member development, student assessment, and curriculum adjustment
PI: Kamarza Mulia, Universitas Indonesia
U.S. Partner: Lisa Hunter, University of California, Santa Cruz

Indonesia - Project 1-21: Incorporating Bali’s subak heritage into primary and secondary education: curriculum development, teacher training, and action research
PI: Sang Putu Kaler Surata, Mahasaraswati University
U.S. Partner:  John Stephen Lansing, University of Arizona Tucson

Philippines - Project 3-226: “A Glass of the Sea:” an immersive, interactive, visual exhibition on the apex of the Earth’s marine life
PI: Maria Isabel Garcia, The Mind Museum (of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.)
U.S. Partner: Terrence Gosliner, California Academy of Sciences

Latin America and Caribbean

Haiti - Project 6-18: Students with Disabilities and Pedagogical Practices of Teachers in the Schools in 3 Region of Haiti
PI: Rochambeau Lainy, Groupe d'Initiative pour l'Etude de la Cognition du Langage, de l'Apprentissage et des Troubles (GIECLAT)
U.S. Partner: Sara Schley, Rochester Institute of Technology

El Salvador - Project 5-58: Data sciences training and research to address crime and insecurity in El Salvador
PI: Oscar Picardo, Universidad Francisco Gavidia
U.S. Partner: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State University

Middle East

Morocco - Project 5-648: Data science for improved education and employability in Morocco
PI: Ghita Mezzour, International University of Rabat
U.S. Partner: Kathleen Carley, Carnegie Mellon University

Morocco - Project 3-106: Tools and resources to improve deaf educational access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
PI: Abdelhadi Soudi, Ecole Nationale de l'Industrie Minérale
U.S. Partner: Corinne Vinopol, Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.

Morocco - Project 1-375: Assistive technology for improving literacy among the deaf and hard of hearing
PI: Abdelhadi Soudi, Ecole National de l'Industrie Minerale
U.S. Partner:  Corinne Vinopol, Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc



Ethiopia - Project 3-94: Development of a Microgrid Research Center in Ethiopia to support USAID’s Power Africa program
PI: Belachew Gessesse with co-PI Nigus Gabbiye Habtu, Bahir Dar University
U.S. Partner: Suman Banerjee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ghana - Project 3-186: PRESSA: Photovoltaic Reliability Evaluation in Sub-Sahara Africa
PI: Gabriel Takyi, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology
U.S. Partner: Christiana Honsberg and Mani G. TamizMani, Arizona State University

Nigeria - Project 3-208: Systems engineering perspective on power transmission for Nigeria
PI: Adegoke Melodi with co-PI Olatubosun Olabode, The Federal University of Technology, Akure
U.S. Partner: Kevin Tomsovic, University of Tennessee

Kenya - Project 3-210: Development and implementation of a solar PV outreach training module for capacity building in East Africa
PI: Izael Da Silva, Strathmore University
U.S. Partner: Benjamin L. Ruddell, Arizona State University

Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania - Project 3-233: GeoPower Africa
PI: Nicholas Mariita, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya, with co-PIs Jacques Varet, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT); Tesfaye Kidane Birke, Addis Ababa University; and Gabriel Mbogoni, Geological Survey of Tanzania
U.S. Partner: Cynthia Ebinger, University of Rochester

Nigeria - Project 2-463: Renewable energy: desktop learning module for gasification processes
PI: Idris Bugaje, National Research Institute for Chemical Technology 
U.S. Partner: Bernard J. Van Wie, Washington State University

Tanzania and Kenya - Project 3-80: Waste to renewable energy: biogas cleanup (upgrading) in Tanzania and Kenya
PI: Cecil King’ondu, Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, with co-PI Owino Joseph Hazael Odero, South Eastern Kenya University
U.S. Partner: Puxian Gao, University of Connecticut


India - Project 5-550: Development of comprehensive performance evaluation and O&M strategy for Indian solar sector
PI: Dibin Chandran, World Institute of Sustainable Energy
Partner: Deepak Sagi, GE India

Indonesia - Project 3-21: CLEAN project: converting municipal solid waste leachate into energy
PI: Wiratni Budhijanto, Universitas Gadjah Mada
U.S. Partner: Largus T. Angenent, Cornell University

Vietnam - Project 2-496: Technical development and field-testing of a self-contained, inexpensive wave energy converter device

PI: Tho H. Nguyen, Tan Tao University
U.S. Partner: Brian Bingham, University of Hawaii

Latin America and Caribbean

Dominican Republic - Project 2-270: Temperature profile of the ocean seabed, from the city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and preliminary design for a commercial exploitation of cold water to supply for a central air conditioning system
PI: Eduardo David Sagredo Robles, Universidad Tecnológica Santiago
U.S. Partner: Naphtali David Rishe, Florida International University

Middle East 

Morocco - Project 5-198: Seamless solar PV integration in Moroccan buildings
PI: Mounir Ghogho, International University of Rabat
U.S. Partner: Paul Flikkema, Northern Arizona University

Morocco - Project 5-398: Towards smart microgrids: renewable energy integration into smart buildings
PI: Mohamed Riduan Abid, Alakhawayn University
U.S. Partner: Driss Benhaddou, University of Houston

Tunisia - Project 5-195: Potential of currents along the Tunisia coasts for renewable power generation
PI: Ali Harzallah, National Institute of Marine Science and Technologies
U.S. Partner: Wassila Thiaw, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration



Ethiopia - Project 1-289: Reducing soil loss through effective soil and water conservation practices using hydrologic considerations and farmers’ participation in Blue Nile Basin
PI: Seifu Tilahun, Bahir Dar University
U.S. Partner: Christopher Barrett, Cornell University

Kenya - Project 4-428: Enhancing elephant conservation and protection in East Africa with molecular genetic tools
PI: Moses Otiende, Kenya Wildlife Service
U.S. Partner: Samuel Wasser and David Schindel, Smithsonian Institution

Mozambique - Project 2-156: Ecosystem carbon analytical laboratory
PI: Salomao Bandeira, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
U.S. Partner: Ilka C. Feller, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

South Africa - Project 5-48: Characterizing and tracking of antimicrobial resistance in the water-plant-food public health interface: an emerging water, sanitation and hygiene issue
PI: Liza Korsten, University of Pretoria
U.S. Partner: Manan Sharma, Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Laboratory, USDA/ARS

South Africa - Project 5-432: Developing exposure and toxicity data for trace organic chemicals in wastewater, biosolids, and soils
PI: Bice Martincigh, University of KwaZulu-Natal
U.S. Partner: Natalie Mladenov, San Diego State University

South Africa - Project 3-120: Managing fire and grazing to maximize carrying capacity in African rangelands
PI: Sally Archibald, University of Witwatersrand
U.S. Partner: Todd M. Anderson, Wake Forest University

Tanzania - Project 6-263: Exploring the fate of mercury in artisanal gold mining of the Lake Victoria Gold Field
PI: Clavery Tungaraza, Sokoine University of Agriculture
U.S. Partner: Mark Cohen, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


Bangladesh - Project 6-9: Unmanned Aerial Systems-based Assessment of Tree Cover and Deforestation Dynamics in Bangladesh
PI: A.B.M Kamal Pasha, Daffodil International University
U.S. Partner: Demetrios Gatziolis, The United States Forest Service

Bhutan - Project 4-187: Monitoring forest cover changes in Bhutan using Landsat data in a cloud-computing environment
PI: Kinley Tshering, Ugyen Wangchuck Institute of Conservation and Environment
U.S. Partner: Kevin Megown, Remote Sensing Applications Center 

India - Project 1-32: Institutional dynamics of adaptation to climate change and urbanization: analysis of rain-fed agricultural-urban lake systems in Bangalore, India
PI: Harini Nagendra, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
U.S. Partner: Tom Evans, Indiana University 

Indonesia - Project 6-42: Developing Biodiverse Agroforests on Rewetted Peatlands in Indonesia
PI: Sonya Dewi, International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) aka World Agroforestry Centre
U.S. Partner: Randall Kolka, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station

Indonesia - Project 6-446: Delineating stock structure for tuna fish within Sulu Sulawesi Regions
PI: Ida Astarini, Udayana University and BIONESIA
U.S. Partner: Allen Collins, National Systematics Lab of NOAA’s Fisheries Service and Smithsonian Institution

Indonesia - Project 4-12: Coral vulnerability assessment to temperature stress (bleaching) and ocean acidification in the Spermonde Archipelago: conservation strategies for climate resilience
PI: Nita Rukminasari, Universitas Hasanuddin
U.S. Partner: Brian Hopkinson, University of Georgia

Indonesia - Project 3-147: Tsunami waves impacts on coastal morphological changes based on sediment transport numerical simulations

PI: Syamsidik, Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Syiah Kuala University
U.S. Partner: Philip L-F. Liu, Cornell University

Indonesia - Project 2-319: Combating seagrass decline: developing a restoration manual for Indonesia and the Coral Triangle
PI: Rohani Ambo-Rappe, Universitas Hasanuddin
U.S. Partners: John J. Stachowicz and Susan L. Williams, University of California, Davis

Indonesia - Project 1-152: Enhancements of research for adaptation of wetlands in Indonesia to projected impacts of sea level rise
PI: Frida Sidik, Institute for Marine Research and Observation, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
U.S. Partner:  Ilka Feller, Smithsonian Institution

Indonesia - Project 1-208: Assessing degradation of tropical peat domes and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) export from the Belait, Mempawah, and Lower Kapuas rivers in Borneo
PI: Gusti Z. Anshari, Universitas Tanjungpura
U.S. Partner:  Charles F. Harvey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Indonesia - Project 1-235: Coral health surveys in COREMAP: building resilience in climate-impacted coral reefs of Indonesia
PI: Jamaluddin Jompa, Universitas Hasanuddin
U.S. Partner: C. Drew Harvell, Cornell University

Mongolia - Project 2-296: Building research and teaching capacity to aid climate change and natural resources management at the National University of Mongolia
PI: Baatarbileg Nachin, National University of Mongolia
U.S. Partner: Amy Hessl, West Virginia University

Mongolia - Project 1-16: Determining sources of health impacts of particulate matter in Ulaanbaatar City to aid and assess current air pollution mitigation efforts
PI: Sereeter Lodoysamba, National University of Mongolia
U.S. Partner:  Christa Hasenkopf, University of Colorado 

Nepal - Project 6-182: Mapping of pesticide residue and (oo)cysts on vegetable and fruits using low-cost field based assays
PI: Basant Giri, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences
U.S. Partner: Toni Barstis, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana

Nepal - Project 5-185: JaibikMap: Nepal’s biodiversity and climate change tool for the future
PI: Menaka Panta, International Union for Conservation of Nature - Nepal
U.S. Partner: Walter Jetz, Yale University

Philippines - Project 3-163: Lake Taal: Sustaining native biodiversity in the face of aquaculture, climate change, and non-native species
PI: Rey Donne Papa, University of Santo Tomas
U.S. Partner: Terrence Gosliner, California Academy of Sciences

Philippines - Project 3-191: Enhancement of Philippines’ research capability in understanding the role of mangrove ecosystem health in the adaptation and mitigation against natural disasters
PI: Severino Salmo III, Ateneo de Manila University
U.S. Partner: Ilka Feller, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Smithsonian Institution 

Vietnam - Project 6-220: Field-scale application of vetiver grass to mitigate dioxin contaminated soil at Bien Hoa Airbase
PI: Ngo Thi Thuy Huong, Vietnam Research Centre on Karst and Geoheritage of the Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources
U.S. Partner: James Landmeyer, U.S. Geological Survey

Latin America and Caribbean

Brazil - Project 4-82: Linking sustainability of small-scale fisheries, fishers’ knowledge, conservation, and co-management of biodiversity in large rivers of the Brazilian Amazon
PI: Renato Silvano, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
U.S. Partner: Kirk Winemiller, Texas A&M University

Brazil - Project 4-209: Lidar remote sensing of Brazilian Amazon forests: analysis of forest biomass, forest degradation, and secondary regrowth
PI: Jean Ometto, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
U.S. Partner: Michael Keller, USDA-Forest Service

Brazil - Project 2-515: Epiphyllic communities on leaves at tropical forests: causes and consequences for leaf functioning at different scales

PI: Bruno Henrique Pimentel Rosado, Centro de Gestão de Pesquisa, Desenvolvimento e Inovação – CGPDI
U.S. Partner: Scott Saleska, University of Arizona

Colombia - Project 2-65: Ecosystem response to climate change in the mountain wetlands
PI: Juan Castaño, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
U.S. Partner: Jay Martin, The Ohio State University

Colombia - Project 1-31: Impacts of climate change on tropical wetlands: tracking the evolution of two Andean lakes and a floodplain cienaga in Columbia
PI: Julio Eduardo Cañón, Universidad de Antioquia
U.S. Partner:  Francina Dominguez, University of Arizona

Ecuador - Project 1-384: REDD based forest expansion, food consumption, and reduced emissions agricultural policies (REAP) in the Ecuadorian Amazon
PI: Carlos Mena, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
U.S. Partner: Thomas Rudel, Rutgers University

Haiti - Project 4-245: Exploring sustainable solutions aimed at redressing environmental disasters in Haiti
PI: Rene Jean-Jumeau, Universite Quisqueya
U.S. Partner: Jerry Bauer, International Institute of Tropical Forestry

Mexico - Project PP-10: NSF-PIRE collaboration: sustainability evaluation of jatropha oil production in Yucatan, Mexico
PI: Julio Sacramento-Rivero, Universidad Autonoma de Yucatán
U.S. Partner: Kathleen Halvorsen et al., Michigan Technological University

Middle East 

Iraq - Project 6-72: Removal of Hazardous Materials from Aqueous Solution using Nanofiber Membranes
PI: Suhad Yasin, University of Duhok
U.S. Partner: Vince Beachley, Rowan University

Egypt - Project 1-368: Spectral soil mapping for agricultural land development in El-Gallaba Plain, Western Desert, Egypt
PI: El Sayed Abbas Zaghloul, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
U.S. Partner: Magaly Koch, Boston University

Tunisia - Project 6-308: Evaluation of algal treatment options for olive mill wastewater to produce energy and biofertilizer
PI: Sami Sayadi, Center of Biotechnology of Sfax
U.S. Partner: Walter Mulbry, United States Department of Agriculture/ Agricultural Research Service

Food Security


Ethiopia - Project 4-315: Enhancing food security through improved productivity, nutrition, and marketing of chickpeas in central and western Ethiopia
PI: Kassahun Tesfaye Geletu, Institute of Biotechnology, Addis Ababa University
U.S. Partner: Douglas Cook, University of California, Davis

Kenya - Project 2-135: Harnessing genomics of edible African Solanaceae plants for improved nutritional and food security
PI: Willis Owino, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, with co-PI Jane Ambuko, University of Nairobi
U.S. Partner: James Giovannoni, USDA-ARS, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University

Kenya - Project 2-219: Strengthening institutional capacity for participatory action research in sustainable aquaculture
PI: Joyce Gichiku Maina, University of Nairobi
U.S. Partner:  Irene Kimaru, St. John Fisher College

Kenya - Project 2-349: Derailing witchweed (Striga) virulence in rice to achieve durable and broad-spectrum resistance
PI: Steven Runo, Kenyatta University
U.S. Partner: Mike P. Timko, University of Virginia

Kenya - Project 1-382: Natural resources interacting with health outcomes: understanding fishery resource use and improving nutrition in western Kenya
PI: Richard Magerenge, Organic Health Response-Ekialo Kiona Center
U.S. Partner:  Justin Brashares, University of California, Berkeley

Mali - Project 6-142: Improving Parkland Management and Agriculture Using UAV Technology in Mali
PI: Fadiala Dembele, Institute Politechnique Rural of Katibougou
U.S. Partner: Paul Laris, California State University, Long Beach

South Africa - Project 4-149: Promoting community and regional food systems in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
PI: Michael Aliber, University of Fort Hare
U.S. Partner: Stephen Ventura, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Bangladesh and the Philippines - Project 2-4: Validation of salt tolerance determinants in rice (Oryza sativa L. indica) landrace Horkuch and its segregating population by 2b-RAD sequencing and RNA-seq analysis under stress
PI: Zeba Seraj, University of Dhaka, with co-PI Abdelbagi Ismail, International Rice Research Institute
U.S. Partner: Thomas Juenger, University of Texas at Austin

Uzbekistan - Project 1-41: Utilization of low quality water for halophytic forage and renewable energy production
PI: Kristina Toderich, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
U.S. Partner:  Laurel Saito, University of Nevada



Ethiopia - Project 5-610: Improved access and uptake of maternal and child health services in rural Ethiopia through collaborative community and health systems partnership
PI: Getahun Asres Alemie, University of Gondar
U.S. Partner: Judd Walson, University of Washington

Kenya - Project H1-120: Feasibility and effectiveness of the baby friendly community initiative (BFCI) in Kenya: a pilot community trial in a rural setting
PI: Judith Kimiywe, Kenyatta University 
U.S. Partner: Stephen McGarvey, Brown University

Kenya - Project H1-175: Impact of PRONTO training in emergency obstetric and newborn care on 24-hour neonatal mortality
PI: Onesmus Gachuno, University of Nairobi
U.S. Partner: James Kiarie, University of Nairobi 

Malawi - Project H1-5: Introducing "Option B+" in Malawi: impact on child outcomes
PI: Frank Chimbwandira, Malawi Ministry of Health 
U.S. Partner: Matthias Egger, University of Bern

Mali - Project H1-85: Optimization of SMC delivery and its effects on the acquisition of malaria immunity
PI: Alassane Dicko, University of Bamako 
U.S. Partner: Patrick Duffy, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Mozambique - Project H1-64: Reducing loss-to-follow-up among HIV-exposed infants in central Mozambique
PI: Lucia da Costa Vieira, Beira Operations Research Center (CIOB) 
U.S. Partner: James Pfeiffer, University of Washington 

Sierra Leone - Project H1-17: Lassa fever pathobiology in children and during pregnancy 
PI: Donald Grant, Lassa Fever Program Kenema Government Hospital 
U.S. Partner: Robert Garry, Tulane University School of Medicine

South Africa - Project 6-447: Effectiveness of point-of-use water treatment technologies to prevent child stunting in South Africa
PI: Pascal Bessong, University of Venda
U.S. Partner: James Smith, University of Virginia

Uganda - Project 5-450: mHealth for TB-Tobacco: An approach to reduce tobacco use among TB patients
PI: Elizeus Rutebemberwa, Makerere University
U.S. Partner: Robert Pack, East Tennessee State University

Uganda - Project H1-54: Assessing the effect of strengthening the referral of children from the private health sector and its impact on child survival in Uganda
PI: Anthony Mbonye, Makerere University  
U.S. Partner: Philip LaRussa, Columbia University

Uganda - Project H1-61: Development and evaluation of strategies to foster implementation of guidelines for diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis
PI: Achilles Katamba, Makerere University
U.S. Partner: Adithya Cattamanchi, University of California at San Francisco 


Bangladesh - Project 5-424: Community intervention to promote Chlorhexidine for reducing umbilical cord infections in Jamalpur district, Bangladesh
PI: Lutfe Ara, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b)
U.S. Partner: Eben Kenah, University of Florida

Bangladesh - Project H1-125: Evidence-based Knowledge into Practice: Extending a Successful Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health Program in Matlab into the Government Health System in Bangladesh
PI: Anisur Rahman, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b)
U.S. Partner: Randall Kuhn, University of Denver

Bangladesh - Project 1-226: Defining the ecology of the Nipah virus outbreaks in Bangladesh: identifying additional potential foodborne and livestock transmission routes

PI: Muhammad Salah Uddin Khan, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b)
U.S. Partner: Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance Inc.

Cambodia - Project H1-15: Newborn Infection Control and Care Initiative for health facilities to accelerate reduction of neonatal mortality (NICCI) 
PI: Chivorn Var, National Institute of Public Health
U.S. Partner: Richard Oberhelman, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Indonesia - Project 5-408: Implementing a combination of rapid diagnostic tests, biomarkers and standard of care procedures for the diagnosis of pneumonia in pediatric patients to improve clinical management in Indonesia
PI: Herman Kosasih, INA RESPOND
U.S. Partner: Clifford Lane, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

Indonesia - Project 5-497: Increasing TB Notification through one STop clinics and Engagement with Private health care providers in Bandung, Indonesia (INSTEP)
PI: Bachti Alisjahbana, TB-HIV Research Center, Universitas Padjadjaran
U.S. Partner: Megan Murray, Harvard Medical School 

Indonesia – Project H2-1: Impact of reduced in-home secondhand smoke exposure on low birthweight prevalence and neonate health
PI: Yayi Suryo Prabandari, Center for Health Policy and Management, Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University
U.S. Partner: Donald Bailey, Research Triangle Institute International

Indonesia – Project H2-2: Improving hospital care for breastfeeding support in Indonesia
PI: Francisca Handy Agung, Center for Health Research, Universitas Indonesia
U.S. Partner: Valerie Flaherman, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine

Indonesia – Project H2-3: Effects of air pollution in early life on infant and maternal health
PI: Nikmah Salamia Idris, University of Indonesia - Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital
U.S. Partner: Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch, University Medical Center Utrecht

Indonesia – Project H2-4: Development of a referral system using kangaroo mother care for low birth weight babies
PI: Hadi Pratomo, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia
U.S. Partner: Abdullah Baqui, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Indonesia - Project H1-16: Mosquito-borne arboviral surveys in Indonesia with a focus on Dengue vectors
PI: Isra Wahid, Universitas Hasanuddin
U.S. Partner: David Severson, University of Notre Dame 

Indonesia - Project H1-89: Implementation of PharmaCheck to assure the quality of IMCI drugs in Indonesia
PI: Iwan Ariawan, Universitas Indonesia
U.S. Partner: Muhammad Zaman, Boston University

Indonesia Project H1-115: Development of an antigen-capture immunoassay for the rapid diagnosis of acute leptospirosis 
PI: Farida Handayani, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia
U.S. Partner: David AuCoin, University of Nevada, Reno

Indonesia - Project H1-158: Intensified antibiotic treatment plus low dose aspirin for tuberculous meningitis: a randomized clinical trial 
PI: Rovina Ruslami, Universitas Padjadjaran 
U.S. Partner: H. Clifford Lane, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Indonesia - Project H1-163: Epidemiologic and genotypic analysis of active M. tuberculosis cases in Indonesia: Understanding the acquisition and transmission of drug-resistant tuberculosis 
PI: Andani Eka Putra, Andalas University 
U.S. Partner: Megan Murray, Harvard Medical School

Nepal - Project 5-17: Cluster-controlled implementation science trial of integrated maternal newborn child healthcare delivery in group settings
PI: Pushpa Chaudhari, Possible (formerly known as Nyaya Health)
U.S. Partner: Duncan Maru, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Nepal - Project H1-32: Investigation of the effectiveness of national clean cookstoves program in Nepal in reducing Acute Respiratory Tract Infection in ≤ 5 children
PI: Sharat Verma, National Tuberculosis Center
U.S. Partner: Kirk Smith, University of California, Berkeley

Philippines - Project 5-173: Using contact tracing to assess barriers to diagnosis and treatment and develop an educational campaign surrounding childhood tuberculosis in the Northern Philippines
PI: Flordeliza Bassiag, Isabela State University
U.S. Partner: Tania Thomas, University of Virginia

Philippines – Project H2-5: Enhancing childhood tuberculosis identification and treatment in the Philippines
PI: Anna Ma. Lena Lopez, Institute of Child Health and Human Development, University of the Philippines Manila--National Institutes of Health
U.S. Partner: Karin Nielsen, David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine

Philippines – Project H2-6: Diagnosis, treatment and management of pediatric tuberculosis in health emergencies and disasters
PI: Salvacion Gatchalian, University of Philippines, College of Medicine, Philippine General Hospital 
U.S. Partner: Kristy Murray, Baylor College of Medicine

Philippines – Project H2-7: Effect of a smoking cessation intervention program for families of children diagnosed with TB
PI: Benjamin Sablan, Philippine Ambulatory Pediatric Association
U.S. Partner: Jonathon Winickoff, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Vietnam - Project 5-666: An assessment of smoking and access to care as risk factors for gender-differences in TB rates: a substudy of the Vietnam NTP TB prevalence survey 2016-2018
PI: Nguyen Van Hung, Vietnam National Tuberculosis Program
U.S. Partner: Payam Nahid, University of California, San Francisco 

Latin America and the Caribbean

Peru - Project 6-330: Preventing lead exposure of Peruvian children from mining and battery recycling with a new field test kit
PI: Johny Cesar Ponce-Canchihuamán, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia & the Center for Research in Environmental Health (CREEH Perú)
U.S. Partner: Alexander van Geen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Middle East 

Egypt - Project 5-601: Capacity building of health care providers in Egypt to counsel pregnant women and their families regarding smoking cessation and second hand smoking avoidance
PI: Wagida Anwar, Ain Shams University’s School of Medicine
U.S. Partners: Scott Sherman, New York University, and Cheryl Oncken, University of Connecticut

Lebanon - Project 5-56: Hazardous effect of pollutants in Deir Kanoun Dump on the Syrian refugees and the Lebanese people
PI: Jamila Borjac, Beirut Arab University
U.S. Partner: Diane Blake, Tulane University

Tunisia - Project 5-518: Diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis: development and evaluation of multiplex POC DNA assays
PI: Ikram Guizani, Institut Pasteur de Tunis
U.S. Partner: Steven Reed, Infectious Disease Research Institute

Social Sciences


Tanzania - Project 3-17: Cooperation and compromise in developing rural communities—Case study: solar-electric mini-grids for the Maasai
PI: Kisioki Moitiko and co-PI Robert Lange, The International Collaborative for Science, Education, and the Environment (Tanzania)
U.S. Partner: Krister Andersson, University of Colorado


Vietnam - Project 3-190: Water governance of minority communities in the Mekong Delta
PI: Nguyen Van Kien, Research Centre for Rural Development, An Giang University
U.S. Partners: Carol Xiaohui Song and Venkatesh Merwade, Purdue University

Vietnam - Project 1-319: Research and capacity building on REDD+, livelihoods, and vulnerability in Vietnam: developing tools for social analysis of development planning
PI: Le Thi Van Hue, Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies of Vietnam National University (VNU-CRES)
Co-PIs: Nguyen Viet Dung, PanNature--Center for People and Nature Reconciliation; and Tran Huu Nghi, Tropenbos International Vietnam
U.S. Partner:  Pamela McElwee, Rutgers University

Latin America and Caribbean

Brazil - Project 3-198: Biodiversity and socioeconomic impacts of palm oil bioenergy development in the Brazilian Amazon
PI: Rodrigo Medeiros, Conservation International do Brasil, with co-PI Luciano Montag, Universidade Federal do Pará
U.S. Partner: Kathleen Halvorsen, Michigan Technological University 

Mexico - Project 3-129: Poverty and climate change in Mexico: the implications of mitigation policy, climate impacts, and development pathways for household welfare
PI: Landy Sanchez, El Colegio de Mexico
U.S. Partner: Brian O'Neill, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Middle East

Jordan - Project 3-47: Three Circles of Alemat: creating collaborative multicultural networks for women in the sciences
PI: Rana Dajani, Jordan Society for Scientific Research
U.S. Partner: Gillian Bowser, Colorado State University



Ethiopia - Project 6-400: Promoting Resource- Oriented Sanitation in Peri-urban Ethiopia through the Production of Struvite from Digested Sludge Filtrate
PI: Adey Desta, Addis Ababa University
U.S. Partner: Nancy Love, University of Michigan

Ethiopia - Project 2-333: Development and field testing of high-performance aluminium oxide-based technologies for fluoride removal in the Ethiopian Rift Valley
PI: Feleke Zewge Beshah, Addis Ababa University
U.S. Partner: David Sabatini, University of Oklahoma

Kenya - Project 1-207: Addressing drinking water quality challenges in developing countries: case study of Lake Victoria Basin
PI: Shem Wandiga, University of Nairobi
U.S. Partner:  Benito Mariñas, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, formerly Mark Shannon (deceased, October 2012)

South Africa - Project 6-448: Design of metal-oxide nanoparticle reinforced Nano-fibrous biopolymer composites for water treatment
PI: Wilson Gitari, University of Venda
U.S. Partner: James Smith, University of Virginia

South Africa - Project 6-450: Water Security and Social-Hydrological Resilience for Rural Small-scale Crop Value Chains

PI: Marizvikuru Manjoro nee Mwale, University of Venda
U.S. Partner: Brian Chaffin, University of Montana, Missoula

South Africa - Project 4-153: GRECHLIM
PI: Tamiru Abiye, University of the Witwatersrand
U.S. Partner: Richard Healy, USGS

South Africa - Project 2-176: Development of advanced composite materials and geopolymers for the removal of uranium and toxic elements from gold mine-polluted water
PI: Hlanganani Tutu, University of the Witwatersrand
U.S. Partner: Edward Rosenberg, University of Montana

South Africa - Project 2-445: Application of cosmic ray probes for the validation of hydrometeorolgical and remote sensing models
PI: Colin Everson, University of KwaZulu-Natal
U.S. Partner: Marek Zreda, University of Arizona

Uganda - Project 5-19: A multi-sensor hydrologic modeling framework to assess the impacts of small-scale water storage practices to water resources over Uganda
PI: Jamiat Nanteza, Makerere University
U.S. Partner: Mathew Rodell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Afghanistan - Project 5-33: Determination of floods magnitude projection, causes, vulnerable areas and its solutions: a cause study of Kabul River basin
PI: Mohammad Assem Mayar, Organization for Afghanistan Development and Community Change (OADCC)
U.S. Partner: Jonathan Nelson, United States Geological Survey

Afghanistan - 5-74: Regionalization of the Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS) for Afghanistan
PI: Khadija Jawadi, Environmental Conservation Specialist Organization of Afghanistan (ECSOA)
U.S. Partner: Amir AghaKouchak, University of California, Irvine

Pakistan – Project 5-85: Using water resources systems analysis to guide transboundary Kabul River water partnership
PI: Syed Bilal Khalid, Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan
U.S. Partner: Julie Kiang, U.S. Geological Survey, and Jerad Bales, U.S. Geological Survey

Afghanistan - Project 5-236: Satellite-enhanced snowmelt flood and drought predictions for the Kabul River Basin (KRB) with surface and groundwater modeling
PI: Mohammad Najaf, Kabul Polytechnic University
U.S. Partner: Jennifer Jacobs, University of New Hampshire

Afghanistan - Project 4-257: Impacts of climate change on transboundary water treaties/sharing: a case study of the Kabul River Basin, Afghanistan
PI: Fahima Sadeqi Nezhad, AZMA Technical and Vocational Institute
U.S. Partner: Devendra M. Amatya, USDA Forest Service Center for Forested Wetlands Research

Bangladesh - Project 2-524: Field assessment of arsenic-bearing waste treatment options
PI: Ahammadul Kabir, Asia Arsenic Network
U.S. Partner: Lutgarde Raskin, University of Michigan

India - Project 3-207: Effects of climate change on cryosphere-river linkages: Insights from seasonal and inter-annual variation of glacial melt discharge in the headwaters of the Ganges River
PI: Indra Sen and co-PI Rajiv Sinha, Indian Institute of Technology--Kanpur
U.S. Partner: Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

India - Project 2-61: Targeting low-arsenic and low-fluoride groundwater to reduce exposure in rural Punjab, India
PI: Chander Kumar Singh, TERI University; with co-PIs Saumitra Mukherjee, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Umesh Kumar Garg, Adesh Institute of Engineering and Technology; and Manpreet Singh Bhatti, Guru Nanak Dev University
U.S. Partner: Alexander Van Geen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Indonesia - Project 4-393: Integrated watershed management for enhancing local livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in Indonesia
PI: Ani Adiwinata Nawir, CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) (formerly Terence Sunderland, through December 2017)
U.S. Partner: Jefferson Fox, East-West Center

Indonesia - Project 3-82: Sediment transport evaluation on the Bengawan Solo River (downstream and estuary) to minimize sedimentation and flood combining effect on nearby infrastructure
PI: Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
U.S. Partner: Gangfeng Ma, Old Dominion University

Kyrgyzstan - Project 5-519: Integrated water resources management and strategic environmental assessment of Kabul and Amudarya Rivers
PI: Zheenbek Kulenbekov, American University of Central Asia
U.S. Partner: Forrest Melton, California State University Monterey Bay, and the NASA Ames Research Center Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology (NASA ARC-CREST)

Kyrgyzstan - Project 4-454: Water resources response on glacier dynamics in Central Asia transboundary river basins
PI: Tamara Tuzova, Institute of Water Problems and Hydro Power of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan

Pakistan - Project 4-255: Enhanced Engagement in Research on the Kabul River Basin (EKaRB)
PI: Muhammad Azeem Ali Shah, International Water Management Institute
U.S. Partner: Lauren Hay, USGS

Pakistan - Project 4-323: Understanding our joint water-climate change challenge and exploring policy options for cooperation on the Afghan-Pak transboundary Kabul River Basin
PI: Hina Salim Lotia, Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan
U.S. Partners: Amir AghaKouchak, University of California, Irvine, and Konstantinos M. Andreadis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tajikistan - Project 5-140: Interstate water resource risk management: towards a sustainable future for the Pyanj River Basin
PI: Rano Eshankulova,  Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower, and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan
U.S. Partner: Mark Williams, University of Colorado Boulder

Tajikistan - Project 4-356: Risk management and assessment of water resources of the Amu Darya River Basin under conditions of climate change and construction of large reservoirs
PI: Inom Normatov,  Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower, and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan
U.S. Partner: Mary Brodzik, University of Colorado Boulder

Uzbekistan - Project 6-310: Reducing water pollution and carbon emissions from irrigated areas by improving irrigation management and rural livelihoods: case studies from energy intensive pump irrigated areas of Sogd Province, Tajikistan and Kashkadarya Province, Uzbekistan.
PI: Oyture Anarbekov, International Water Management Institute - Central Asia Office
U.S. Partner: James Ayars, United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service

Uzbekistan - Project 5-323: Provision of science based evidence on climate induced water quality challenges in Amu Darya basin
PI: Iskandar Abdullaev, Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC)
U.S. Partner: Antarpreet Jutla, West Virginia University

Uzbekistan - Project 5-523: Implications of climate change, land use and adaptation interventions on water resources and agricultural production in Transboundary Amu Darya river basin
PI: Zafar Gafurov, International Water Management Institute
U.S. Partner: John Bolten, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Uzbekistan - Project 4-97: Mitigating the competition for water in the Amu Darya River Basin, Central Asia, by improving water use efficiency
PI: Kakhramon Djumaboev, International Water Management Institute
U.S. Partner: James Ayars, USDA-ARS Water Management Unit

Uzbekistan - Project 4-407: Use of non-conventional agricultural water resources to strengthen water and food security in the transboundary watersheds of the Amu Darya River Basin (UNCAWR)
PI: Kristina Toderich, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
U.S. Partner: Robert Nowak, University of Nevada, Reno

Uzbekistan - Project 4-112: Transboundary water management adaptation in the Amu Darya Basin to climate change uncertainties
PI: Viktor Dukhovniy, Scientific-Information Center of Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia
U.S. Partner: Benjamin F. Zaitchik, Johns Hopkins University

Vietnam - Project 4-189: Application of geodetic, satellite remote sensing, and physical modeling tools for the management of operational groundwater resources in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
PI: Nguyen Duc Luong, Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, National University of Civil Engineering
U.S. Partner: Faisal Hossain, University of Washington

Vietnam - Project 2-544: Evaluating the sustainability of ground water resources: academic and scientific gaps
PI: Pham T.K. Trang, Hanoi University of Science
U.S. Partner: Benjamin Carlos Bostick and Alexander Van Geen, Columbia University

Europe and Eurasia

Armenia- Project 4-230: Sustainable Fisheries for Enhanced Water Resources in Armenia (SFEWRA)
PI: Vardan Urutyan, International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education
U.S. Partner: Stephen Schoenholtz, Virginia Water Resources Research Center

Latin America and Caribbean

Bolivia - Project 1-358: The fate of enteric pathogens in fluids, fields, and food products: on-farm solutions for the safe reclamation of water and nutrients from sewage
PI: Maria de la Mercedes Iriarte Puña, Centro de Aguas y Saneamiento Ambiental, Universidad Mayor de San Simon
U.S. Partner: James Mihelcic, University of South Florida

Colombia - Project 4-70: Satellite-based estimations of river discharge into the Cartagena Bay, Caribbean Colombia: capacity building to mitigate sources of upstream runoff and associated risks of pollution
PI: Juan D. Restrepo, Universidad EAFIT
U.S. Partner: Robert Brakenridge, Dartmouth Flood Observatory, INSTAAR, University of Colorado

Ecuador - Project 1-108: Long-term sustainability of water resources and biodiversity under scenarios of climate change in the Napo watershed, Ecuador
PIs: Juan Manuel Guayasamin, Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica, and Andrea Encalada, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
U.S. Partner: LeRoy Poff, Colorado State University

Peru - Project 5-259: AGUA-ANDES: ecological infrastructure strategies for enhancing water sustainability in the semi-arid Andes
PI: Bram Willems, Centro de Competencias del Agua - CCA
U.S. Partner: Andrea Gerlak, University of Arizona

Peru - Project 3-127: Glacier retreat and water resource sustainability in the Peruvian Andes: informing adaptation strategies through collaborative science
PI: Cirilo Lagos, Instituto Geofisico del Peru
U.S. Partner: Bryan G. Mark, The Ohio State University

Peru - Project 2-359: Strengthening resilience of Andean river-basin headwaters facing global change
PI: Bram Leo Willems, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
U.S. Partner: Christopher Scott, The University of Arizona 

Middle East

Iraq - Project 2-24: PEER Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): freshwater science and policy in the human-dominated Tigris River Basin
PI: Christy Jo Geraci, The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani
U.S. Partners: Ann Rypstra and David Berg, Miami University of Ohio

Iraq - Project 2-455: Soil water retention technology to improve vegetable production among highly permeable soils under water scarcity and dry climate conditions in Iraq
PI: Mahdi Ibrahim Aoda, Baghdad University
U.S. Partners: G. Phillip Robertson and Alvin J.M. Smucker, Michigan State University

Jordan - Project 5-91: The occurrence and fate of pharmaceutical residues from their sources to water bodies and food chain
PI: Othman Almashaqbeh, Scientific Research Center / Royal Scientific Society
U.S. Partner: Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jordan - Project 4-369: Assessment of preferential subsurface flow and transport in soils near the Zarqa River Basin
PI: Michel Rahbeh, University of Jordan
U.S. Partner: Raghavan Srinivasan, Texas A&M University

Jordan - Project 3-39: Enhancing water education at the university level in Jordan by incorporating an innovative multi-agent modeling and analysis tool
PI: Samer Talozi, Jordan University of Science and Technology
U.S. Partner: Steven M. Gorelick, Stanford University

Jordan - Project 2-357: Evaluating climate change impacts on the arid lands and water resources in Jordan
PI: Yaser Jararweh, Jordan University of Science and Technology
U.S. Partner: George Jenerette, University of California, Riverside

Jordan - Project 2-366: Optimizing water usage of irrigation systems using wireless sensor networks in Jordan
PI: Samer Samarah with co-PI Mohammed Ghazi Al-Zamil, Yarmouk University 
U.S. Partner: Mehmet Can Vuran, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lebanon - Project 5-18: Enhancing water quality monitoring and improving water disinfection processes in Lebanon
PI: Antoine Ghauch, American University of Beirut
U.S. Partner: David Sedlak, University of California, Berkeley

Lebanon - Project 3-26: Assessment of real evapotranspiration and recharge processes on two karst pilot groundwater catchments (Lebanon) using an integrated spatially distributed numerical model: applications for water resources management purposes
PI: Joanna Doummar, American University of Beirut
U.S. Partner: Jason G. Gurdak, San Francisco State University

Lebanon - Project 1-84: Investigation into persulfate/peroxymonosulfate oxidation of micro-contaminants toward water sustainability: mechanism, kinetics, and implementation
PI: Antoine Ghauch, American University of Beirut
U.S. Partner:  Richard Luthy, Stanford University

Lebanon - Project 1-121: A collaborative approach towards integrated water resources management in the Litani River basin: Opportunities for climate change adaptation and socioeconomic growth
PI: Mutasem El Fadel, American University of Beirut
U.S. Partner: James Smith, Princeton University

West Bank-Gaza - Project 2-347: Rainwater harvesting analysis using water harvesting evaluation tool (WHEAT)
PI: Issam A. Al-Khatib, Birzeit University
U.S. Partners: Defne S. Apul, University of Toledo, and Steve Burian, University of Utah